CounterPoint SQL - A Complete Business Management System

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Some of the types of retailers using CounterPoint SQL...


Camera Stores

Car and Truck Accessories

Electronics Stores

Furniture & Home Decor

Garden Stores & Nurseries

Gift Shops

Liquor and Wine


Music Stores

Party & Paper Stores

Pool & Spa

School Supply

Shoe Stores

Specialty Foods

Sporting Goods

Toy Stores

Yarn Shops

And many more!

The Basics

There are certain things that you would expect of a retail management system.  We know from experience that not all systems have these.  CounterPoint does.

  • sporting goods posReliable Inventory Control, for single or multiple store chains.
  • A Physical Inventory Process that includes a "freeze" function to take the pressure off of completing the process too quickly.
  • Fast, intuitive point of sale - for those simple sales.
  • Audit Trails so you can track inventory changes.
  • Supports gridded items - up to three dimensions.
  • Supports alternate selling and purchasing units.
  • A comprehensive set of built-in reports.
  • Retains detailed transaction history for reporting and reprinting.
  • Standardized lookups that make it easy to find products, customers, vendors, etc. by keying in a few parts of one or more words in the name, category, or other logical field based on the type.
  • PCI and PA-DSS compliant.
  • Fully supported by the manufacturer (Radiant Systems) and by us.


Where CounterPoint Shines

ItemZoomItem zooms, available from any prompt, show extra information about the item, including current inventory in each location, sales history, open purchase orders, notes, etc.  Imagine how useful this would be when you are in the middle of a creating a purchase order!

Customizable report parameters.  You can narrow down your report selection criteria by any field in the table used to create the report.  No more staring at pages of information to find what you need.  When you've got that report just the way you want it, save the parameters so you can run it again next week.  You can save multiple sets of parameters for the same report, too.  For instance, a reorder report for each major vendor and an overstock report - all as options to the stock status report.

Dashboard-StoreDashboard graphical sales reporting. There are times when you need a report and other times when you just want to see, at a glance, how you are doing.  Red means a problem, green means good, and yellow is in-between.  You set the standards so the results are meaningful to you. 

Integrated email marketing. Create email campaigns based on CounterPoint customer sales history.  Have the system automatically send a welcome email to every new customer and automatically send a reminder to every customer who hasn't purchased in the last six weeks. And, because Customer Connect is integrated with your CounterPoint system, it can also measure the success of your email marketing campaigns and will provide this information to you in easy to read charts and graphs.

Integrated ecommerce.  Adding an online store is one of the most effective ways to increase sales.  NCR Retail Online provides a professional and flexible platform that is easy to administer.  Because it is integrated with CounterPoint, you don't have to maintain two sets of data or spend time on complicated uploads and downloads.  Refresh product and inventory information with the touch of a button and download new orders the same way.

Mobile POS - coming soon.  Use an iPhone or iPod to ring up sales anywhere in or out of the store with CPMobile.

Data Interchange.  Use this handy tool to export information out of your CounterPoint system (e.g. customer list, partial product list, etc.) and to import new information in, such as updated prices or a new line of products. 

UnitechPT630Other Nice Features

  • Built-in Loyalty Point System
  • Built-in Time Clock System
  • Item Labels - assign different types to different items, if needed (e.g. tags for trees or apparel and small adhesive labels for other items.
  • Produce labels based on purchasing, receiving or transfers
  • Use handheld scanners and data imports for receiving, transfers and physical inventory
  • Seasonal Forecasting
  • Create purchase orders based on sales or minimums and maximums
  • Interfaces to most popular accounting systems

Whether you sell apparel, footwear, toys, or garden supplies, CounterPoint SQL can help you increase sales, save time, and run your business more efficiently.  We'll help you get the most out of your CounterPoint investment, too, by configuring it to fit your business, transferring data from your existing system, and being there to support you through the entire go-live process and beyond.  Contact us today for a free no-obligation needs analysis!