Fast and Friendly Point-of-Sale

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Some of the types of retailers using CounterPoint SQL...


Camera Stores

Car and Truck Accessories

Electronics Stores

Furniture & Home Decor

Garden Stores & Nurseries

Gift Shops

Liquor and Wine


Music Stores

Party & Paper Stores

Pool & Spa

School Supply

Shoe Stores

Specialty Foods

Sporting Goods

Toy Stores

Yarn Shops

And many more!

CounterPoint's touch-screen interface makes it easy to ring up sales, whether you are using a touch screen or not.  Big screen buttons take the place of function keys.  Different colors and images make it easy to distinguish one button from another.  You can rearrange the buttons any way you like and even create new buttons or pages of buttons to make it easier to ring up items without bar codes.  We'll configure your system for you in the beginning to make it easy to access the buttons you need for your business.

bookstorepos-bCounterPoint is not only user-friendly; it is also fast! Ringing up a sale can be as easy as scanning the product, clicking the Pay Button, clicking the type of payment button, and keying in the amount paid.  That's fast and easy!

What if there is no bar code to scan or button to push?  You can always key in the product number or bar code, or look up the item by keying in parts of its description.

CounterPoint also allows you to "zoom" in on detailed product information, including notes, inventory status (at all locations), sales history - even open purchase orders!

CounterPoint helps you provide a better customer experience, too. Look up customer information by any part of the name, phone number, or contact name.  Zoom in on more detailed customer information, including sales history, open orders, notes, and transaction history. 

What about the more complicated transactions?  CounterPoint has you covered there, too.  You can enter and track layaways, back orders, special orders and even quotes.

BluRadsPOSOther CounterPoint POS features include:

√ Fully PCI-compliant
√ Issue and redeem gift cards - without fees!
√ Validated returns
√ Flexible pricing (2for, BOGO, alternate units)
√ Dated promotions
√ Automatic customer discounts
√ On-Demand discounts by line item or total
√ Gift receipts
√ Gridded items - up to three dimensions
√ Suspend a transaction and recall it at any station
√ Scale interface for weighed items
√ EBT food stamp support
√ Support for multiple tendered types per transaction
√ Support for multiple bar codes per product
√ Daily audit trails
√ Optional signature capture
√ Optional digital customer display
√ Optional mobile POS

Best of all, CounterPoint point-of-sale is only one part of a complete retail management system that will save you time, provide you with the information you need to effectively run your business and even help you increase sales.

We make implementation easy, too, by transferring your existing data for you, configuring the system for your business, training your users, and even providing on-site support during the first few days after you go live on your new system.

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