Super-charged Email Marketing

Customer Connect Top10Star


1. Send targeted emails using sales history and customer data

2. Automatically send an email to customers who haven't make a purchase recently

3. See the total revenue your email campaign brought in

4. Track sales generated from each promotional offer

5. Capture email addresses enter at the point of sale

6. Compare email campaigns based on revenue generated

7. Automatically send emails to new customers added to CounterPoint

8. Integration with CPOnline allows you to track sales and redemptions from your ecommerce site

9. Drive customer behavior with targeted promotions

10. Track which prospects are turning into customers

There are lots of email marketing programs out there.  What's so great about this one?

Imagine an email marketing program that has all of the advantages of the best email marketing program you can find.  Then, imagine that this email marketing program was integrated with your point-of-sale system so that it knew who all of your customers were, what they purchased, and when they visited your store.  You have just imagined Customer Connect!

This powerful addition to the CounterPoint retail management system makes it easy to generate targeted emails and measures the success of those emails, like no other email marketing program can.  See the list on the right of 10 things that you can only do with Customer Connect from Radiant Systems.

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